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High School Student

Jazmine Guzman

Jazmine Guzman de Anda is the youngest of seven children who have been raised by migrant Mexican parents. Jazmine has been fortunate enough to grow up in a neighborhood of San Francisco, the Mission, that is centralized in different forms of art. The abundance of street murals and community events has facilitated with her passion in creating art. Specifically, Jazmine has created several art pieces that have been recognized by the city of San Francisco. One of her proudest accomplishments has been being selected to create the flyer for the 2017 Carnaval. Moreover, Jazmine has been selected to intern for the Art Department of San Francisco’s Unified School District where she continues to enrich her passion for art. Most recently, her role as an intern has granted her the award for Art Ambassador of the year. Currently, Jazmine has been chosen to intern for Stem to Sthem summer program. Most importantly, Jazmine hopes to strengthen her academic and artistic capabilities in Stem to Sthem in efforts towards becoming a first-generation stem college student.